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Fresher Is Better

Our customers aren’t messing around.   They expect high quality from their own cooks, whether it’s on the grill or low n’ slow.   And because of that, they expect exceptional quality from everything that goes into it. 

That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure that we source ingredients for our meat rubs that are as fresh and local as possible.  A special grind of mineral-filled Pink Lake Salt from Dimboola, sugars and charcoals from FNQ,  roasted coffee from Melbourne, bush herbs from SA and WA,  even sea kelp from Tassie.   The list goes on.

You wouldn’t want your meat to be anything but fresh and local, right?    We feel the same… and because of that, we apply it to everything we do.



Our Meat Rubs & Sauces

Products that innovate.   When you have a wealth of great ingredients and 50 years of experience with BBQ techniques, interesting things happen.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Over a dozen hand-crafted rubs, to date, and we’re always playing with new ideas.

Each of our meat rubs are gluten free and GMO free.  Some are sugar free and most are mild to slightly spicy, though you can tailor these to your needs.

Competition rubs, for instance, often call for a lot of sugar… more than you’d probably want to give your family on a regular basis.  But we can advise on how to wow the judges too with a few easy adjustments.   More flavour, with the sweet and the heat you want.

Each of our meat (or seafood or vegie) rubs was developed from the ground up from a new idea, inspired by an ingredient.  Because let’s face it, the creative part is the best bit.

Once we have something we’re really happy with, then we have our friends in the BBQ community put it through it’s paces.   Have a play and give feedback.   Only after we’re super happy with them and they’ve been BBQer and lab approved do they become Bulldozer products.




Beef, Pork, Lamb and Game meats.   They’re all unique in their own way.   Whether you like it sweet, savoury or smoky, we got you covered.


Fish usually takes a delicate touch.  Meat rubs often don’t provide that.  Our seafood rub starts with a delicate taste of the sea.


It can be hard to make chicken or turkey really special.  Perfect balance and special ingredients like lemon myrtle can turn that around.


Australian Made & Owned


No copycats here!   Guaranteed.

Don’t you hate when you buy a rub and it reminds you of one you already have?   Us too!

You’re not going to wow your mates that way.

We go to great pains not to imitate other’s products.

Our recipes started life at Dad’s knee, much the same way an Italian kid learns pasta.  Growing up in Missouri, learning to make bbq at a very young age. And that included the rubs. Learning why each ingredient belongs.  How it functions with different heat levels and interacts with the protein.

When you know all that and then you run into a very special ingredient like Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry, you know where it fits in the flavour balance.

You don’t worry about being “authentic” when you  were born authentic. 😉    You can spend more time building off that.

World’s Firsts from Bulldozer:

  • (2009) The 1st “Lamb & Game” Rub.  Dark & rich to balance against these meat’s similar fatty amino acids
  • (2015) The 1st Beetroot Based Rub, Better Off Red. Sweet but naturally fresh. Also with Fenugreek & Green Mango!
  • (2012) The 1st use of native Aussie Bush Herbs in an American style rub.
  • (2020) Chilli pouch add-in, the Chilli Sidekick, so you can customize your own heat level





Proudly Sponsoring Competition Teams

Are you really into competition bbq and could use a bit of support?  (ABA, SCA or KCBS)

Give us a call.   We’ve got limited openings for enthusiastic teams and are happy to help talented cooks do their best. 

A Few Words From Our Customers

“Best Rubs I’ve Tried And I’ve Tried a Lot, Including the US Imports”

  — Brett,  New South Wales

“I Won’t Put Anything Else On My Chicken”

 — Cindy, Missouri

“Holy F*ck!”

 — Lucas,  South Australia

A Percentage of Every Rub Helps Support

We make a donation for every Premium Bulldozer Rub sold to support Alex Makes Meals.

Alex Makes Meals’ objective is to provide warm, tasty meals for homeless and disadvantaged youth.  19,400 children under the age of 14 were homeless on the night of the 2016 Australian Census. 

A homeless child shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  A hungry child can’t function at school or in life. 

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Hot Wings

Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing. Here’s how to get great crispy wings on the grill (or oven), plus 4 different sauces to dress them up. Instant party!

Builder’s Basic BBQ Sauce

A simple but tasty sauce you can knock together in 15 minutes with ingredients you already have. A great base sauce that can be turned into anything with a little tweaking.

Naked Jalapeno Poppers

There are a number of ways to make a jalapeno popper.   This one’s our favourite.   Lightly spicy, savoury, so good.  And bacon. We do them on the charcoal grill, but you can do them in the oven too. So good, with a special filling that goes the extra mile.

In the trade?

We are always looking for premium butchers, food shops and bbq supply shops that take pride in what they offer to add to our growing list of stockist partners.

We also have bulk sizes available at wholesale to the restaurant industry.



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