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Peppered Pineapple Rib & Chook Glaze

Give those ribs and chicken lollypops a tasty no-heat shine. Pineapple, cracked black pepper, garlic, ginger, gin.
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A fruity glaze based on caramelized pineapple and cracked black pepper with a hint of cloves. Christmas in a bottle It's thick like honey, with a similar shine but it's purely vegan friendly. Brush on after the cook to put a tasty sweet shine on ribs, chook... really, any meat or veg.

Did we mention it's got a touch of super-premium, award-winning gin distilled right in our area?


Gluten free.


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The Hogfather

Sweet and mild, a Memphis influenced rub with a slightly floral finish and a touch of creaminess of native bush tomato.   And that colour!


Tastes like a steak before it’s even on the steak.

Formulated to form a crust without overcooking.  Ancho, Pasilla, Roasted Espresso, Herbs, Pink Lake Salt, Charcoal in perfect balance.   World’s best steak rub.

Better Off Red

Beetroot based, impress with this gorgeous rub.   Equally perfect for slow cooking pork shoulder as it is a quick seared ‘roo fillet or a nice piece of fish.

Life's a Beach

Enhance the flavour of the sea.

A sugar free blend of saltbush and Tasmanian sea kelp over a mild carrot base, with light touches of lemon myrtle, cardamom and star anise.

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