oh, you god of BBQ.

This weekend IS it. The day you totally smash this BBQ thing. fire. smoke. meat. yeahhh. 

The cook-up your mates and family will be talking about for ages to come.

you’re going to need a careful eye, a steady hand and the best possible tools.



Great cooking starts with great ingredients, but you already know that.  Nothing is more important than freshness.  Isn’t that why you’re careful with your meat selection?  So then why use spices that have traveled 3 continents and sat in a bunch of different warehouses for years before it got to you or whoever made the rub?  We blend in small batches from local ingredients wherever possible so that your gear hasn’t lost half its flavour before it ever reached you.


I learned how to make good BBQ over 50 years ago from my family in the US South and later from professional pit work in Texas.  BBQ really is who we are.   It’s not a hobby for us,  not a side hustle.  This is what we do everyday…. what I’ve done since birth (ok, I may have taken the first couple of years to catch on).   From the professional to the competitor to the family cook, we can work out what you need.

Aussie Family Owned

If there’s one thing about BBQers around here – they care about their cook-up because they care about the family and mates they’re feeding.   We’ve had so many chats with fellow Q fans.  Chances are, someone in your group may not love chilli.  Someone else may have a problem with gluten.   We’ve got you covered with customizeable heat levels and gluten free rubs.  Spicy for you, mild for the kids, tasty for everyone.


Huh?  lol.   Well, what we mean is, we like to shake things up.  Innovate.  Create.  Imitating  other products and internet recipes is just boring.  When we moved to Australia, the ideas just flowed… But we’re not out for a revolution.  We’re in it to make the most of two worlds because we’re from two worlds ourselves.  There’s already a Texas.  Like you, we’re all about making Aussie BBQ the next step in the evolution of BBQ. 


Fresher Is Always Better

Our customers aren’t messing around.   They expect high quality from their own cooks, whether it’s on the grill or low n’ slow.   And because of that, they expect exceptional quality from everything that goes into it.  Including their BBQ rubs.

That’s why Bulldozer BBQ rubs go the extra mile. We make sure that we source ingredients for our meat rubs that are as fresh and local as possible.  A special grind of mineral-filled Pink Lake Salt from Dimboola, sugars and charcoals from QLD,  roasted coffee from Melbourne,  bush herbs from SA and WA,  even sea kelp from Tassie.   The list goes on.



Bulldozer BBQ Rubs for Every Cook

Over a dozen hand-crafted rubs, to date, and we’re always playing with new ideas.

Each of our meat rubs are gluten free and GMO free and contain no MSG.  Some are sugar free and most are mild to slightly spicy, though you can tailor these to your needs.

Competition rubs, for instance, often call for a lot of sugar… more than you’d probably want to give your family on a regular basis.  But we can advise on how to wow the judges too with a few easy adjustments.   More flavour, with the sweet and the heat you want.




All the Meats

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry and Game meats.   Even fish and veg.  They’re all unique in their own way.   Whether you like it sweet, savoury or smoky, whether you’re smoking or grilling, Bulldozer has a blend that’s a perfect fit.


Australian Made & Owned


No copycats here!   Guaranteed.

Don’t you hate when you buy a rub and it reminds you of one you already have?   Us too!

You’re not going to wow your mates that way.

We go to great pains not to imitate other’s products.

World’s Firsts from Bulldozer:

  • (2009) The 1st “Lamb & Game” Rub.  Dark & rich to balance against these meat’s similar fatty amino acids
  • (2016) Midnight.  The steak rub with espresso, ancho and charcoal, which doesn’t just make your steak black, but is formulated to melt and fuse into a real bark during grilling, even a rare steak.
  • (2017) The 1st Beetroot Based Rub, Better Off Red. Sweet but naturally fresh. Also with Fenugreek & Green Mango!
  • (2019) The 1st use of native Aussie Bush Herbs in an American style rub.
  • (2020) Chilli pouch add-in, the Chilli Sidekick, so you can customize your own heat level.  No other rubs have it – yet 😉

Proudly Sponsoring Competition Teams

Are you really into competition bbq and could use a bit of support?  (ABA, SCA or KCBS)

Give us a call.   We’ve got limited openings for enthusiastic teams and are happy to help talented cooks do their best. 

A Few Words From Our Customers

“Best Rubs I’ve Tried And I’ve Tried a Lot, Including the US Imports”

  — Brett,  New South Wales

“I Won’t Put Anything Else On My Chicken”

 — Cindy, Missouri

“Holy F*ck!”

 — Lucas,  South Australia

A Percentage of Every Rub Helps Support

We make a donation for every Premium Bulldozer Rub sold to support Alex Makes Meals.

Alex Makes Meals’ objective is to provide warm, tasty meals for homeless and disadvantaged youth.  19,400 children under the age of 14 were homeless on the night of the 2016 Australian Census. 

A homeless child shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  A hungry child can’t function at school or in life.